Fertigo Pro by Jos Buivenga

After Anivers me and Jos decided to keep on collaborating. It was the turn of Fertigo Pro, a type with an organic feel. From a technical point of view the small letters are sans serif on the left but not on the right and this is important to set the right input parameters. Since iKern recalculates sidebearings always adds around sans serifs stems an “extra air” respect to the quantity that should be “natural” because this quantity would be too much different from that relative to the bowls and the rhythm would suffer. The new side area is generally an average between the natural one and the curved outlines’ side area. In this case this behaviour have had to be overriden because on the left side of the small letters the eye expects more air because of the serifs on the right. iKern let manually override everything inside.
Fertigo Pro sample

Fertigo Pro specimen

Me and Jos finally met this Summer. He was in Italy for a friend’s wedding 50 km from where I live. We had a long conversation and he confirmed the opinion I had of him from emails, from his blog and from his posts on Typophile: he’s a very nice person that sees the positive side of everything.