Two 2010 projects

In 2010 I collaborated several times with Luciano Perondi for projects of particular interest. One is the new typeface designed for Voland, a nonconformist publishing company founded in Rome in 1995. The serif font is based on the cut specimen of the Double Pica John Baskerville: “We decided however not to make an accurate reconstruction, but to reinterpret the design to suit a contemporary use.”

Domenica del Sole 24 Ore
Another is the realization of Sole serif, the new typeface for il Sole 24 Ore, the leading Italian financial daily, that actually debuted on the sunday cultural supplement Domenica. .

Domenica del Sole 24 Ore

Type Designers in Fano

In photo from left: Dave Crossland, now at the Google Font Directory, come in Urbino to visit Luciano for his fame, me, Paolo Mazzetti (among the collaborators for the Sole serif project) and Luciano Perondi (april 2010).