Thomas Schostok & Stefan Claudius

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Thomas Schostok & Stefan Claudius, Cape Arcona Type Foundry: «We at the Cape have a wonderful life. Half of the day we are lying at the pool and drinking cocktails and the other half we work on typefaces. We love working on fonts, but love cocktails a little bit more. Everyone will understand, that each hour that we could spare of working on spacing and kerning is of great value and can be invested into “action at pool”. Igino’s iKern was the solution to our problem! iKern did a wonderful job and is surly the proof that machines can take on man made work. We love iKern and the professional results it creates. Before iKern we thought of this part of font production as somehow old-fashioned. You see, human mankind shot rockets to faraway planets; probes land on asteroids and came back to earth, but type designers still doing spacing and kerning by hand. For Cape Arcona, iKern is the NASA of kerning.»