Stuart Sandler

fontbroslogoStuart Sandler, Font Bros: «Having designed display typefaces since 1996, I was extremely skeptical about the ability for any automated process to be able to replace what I knew to be quality spacing and kerning. Clearly Fontographer and Fontlab cannot perform this, so how could iKern? Out of curiosity I felt the need to determine if Igino’s service would be even close to the demands of display type which requires much more complexity due to the lack of consistent forms compared to a basic Roman typeface. Turns out I was totally wrong! Ikern not only did as good a job as I’ve seen, but did it without ‘cheating’ by adding tons of kerns as I had expected … The spacing was meticulous and dead-on and the kerning was kept minimal to what was necessary to make the font display well without being loaded with unnecessary kern pairs … Not only do I continue to recommend iKern to other type designers, but I’m happy to keep Igino busy!»