Michele Patanè


Michele Patanè, Cinetype, tutor at the Corso di Alta Formazione in Type Design, POLI.design, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano: «Font design must regard idea and development, two essential aspects of the design process, both necessary and with different time implications. How many typefaces will never be used because designer don’t have enough time to develop them? We can’t forget how important is spacing and kerning correctly a font, and how much time it requires. In my recent experience with iKern I can say without any rhetoric that this a turning point of the typeface design process. Now we can test different spacing, quickly, for different application or any kind of use dimension; we can save time and be sure that we won’t occur in errors caused by repetitive operations. I believe blindly in eye function as a meter of judgement, but I am sure that my eye need time to understand things and to refresh attention. With iKern now I can pay more attention to the little shades and be sure that everything is going for the best result.
And I’d like to focus again on the design process because I think It is necessary for typeface design to find the right way to produce high quality font at the right price. If we save time we can cut costs increasing quality because we can pass most of the time on designing and testing the font instead of on repetitive jobs that a computer can do better than us.»