Mark van Bronkhorst

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Mark van Bronkhorst, MVB Fonts: «Igino handled the spacing and kerning of the Sweet® Sans familiy for me. His iKern service meant that I could focus on design. There was a bit of back-and-forth to get settings just right, a process I found positive, as I could guide how the spacing and kerning were applied. Once the settings were in order, large character sets fell into place quickly. His method applies remarkably consistent sidebearings (not just kerning). Instead of manually applying sidebearings, then kerning by hand for days on end, one gets to a place that’s 90-percent-something “done”, the focus shifted from doing drudgery to making adjustments. I’ve always felt that font metrics could be automated, particularly with fairly regular typefaces. Finally someone has figured out how to get it right. Igino works fast, and I appreciate that his fees are affordable.»