Jos Buivenga

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Jos Buivenga, Exljbris Font Foundry: «It was kind of a remarkable coincidence that Igino contacted me with a reworked version of (my first) Anivers just at the moment that I was working on extending it to a complete family. The example he send me looked stunning. It made music to my eyes and I was instantly convinced of the fact that iKern could save me a lot of time. Igino and iKern did a wonderful job on Anivers and also on the recently released Fertigo Pro. I hope our collaboration will last a life time, because I wouldn’t want to design type any other way». And then followed Museo Sans, Calluna Serif, Museo Slab, some Museo for Dell, Calluna Sans, Museo Italic, ….

Me and Jos Buivenga (on the right)