Giangiorgio Fuga

gftGiangiorgio Fuga, Giò Fuga Type: «I’m drawing and then digitizing fonts from many years. The most difficult step, but also the more boring because it takes much time, has always been the control of the metrics and the optical balance of kerning pairs. The advent of OpenType format, with its endless possibilities including the management of several enconding and therefore a much increased number of glyphs, made the kerning production a mammoth task. The various autokern functions already present in Fontographer or FontLab kerning assistance are not able to well and completely operate.
In my last work I found myself designing a custom font in three variables for Yamaha Motor, which included nearly 1200 glyphs each for the presence, besides the Latin alphabet, of Cyrillic and also Extended Greek. A manual optimization of kerning, especially for italic, would have been costly in time and certainly without harmonious and complete results.
Well, Igino’s Ikern “Type Design Service” has proved to be essential for a definitive fine tuning of the font family. I’m going to take advantage of his valuable service for all my fonts I’m upgrading to OpenType version. Thanks Igino!»