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Some designers’ thoughts about iKern.

Mugur Mihai


Mugur Mihai: «After spending about two weeks trying to space and kern my first typeface I have come to the conclusion that this task will take me forever. So, I decided to try Igino’s iKern service. I was amazed to see that after three emails in a couple of days I got my font back properly spaced and kerned, exactly as I was intending. Incredible service that saves you a lot of time and money. I will definitely use it again.»

Hannes von Döhren


Hannes von Döhren: «The work with Igino was a nice cooperation. I had to kern a 12 font family and in this case I hadn’t a multiple master as a basis. Although you can interpolate some steps it would have been still a huge effort of time to space and kern these family members perfectly. So I decided to give the files to Igino. I think he and his iKern program did a great job. I worked with Igino several times now, for different bigger font families, and I have to say that the results are always very good and Igino works fast. So I would always work with him again and look forward to the next project I can involve his work.»

Jos Buivenga

exljbris logo

Jos Buivenga, Exljbris Font Foundry: «It was kind of a remarkable coincidence that Igino contacted me with a reworked version of (my first) Anivers just at the moment that I was working on extending it to a complete family. The example he send me looked stunning. It made music to my eyes and I was instantly convinced of the fact that iKern could save me a lot of time. Igino and iKern did a wonderful job on Anivers and also on the recently released Fertigo Pro. I hope our collaboration will last a life time, because I wouldn’t want to design type any other way». And then followed Museo Sans, Calluna Serif, Museo Slab, some Museo for Dell, Calluna Sans, Museo Italic, ….

Me and Jos Buivenga (on the right)

Nikola Djurek


Nikola Djurek, Typonine: «The font projects we’re involved in become more complex every day. Even if the technological progress is here to help, we’re mainly asked to have ideas and let them become curves and spaces. And then typefaces. The iKern service helped us to make this path an effective and controllable process and we’re satisfied.»

Peter Biľak


Peter Biľak, Typotheque: «Our fonts grew overtime from 200+ glyphs to 2000+ glyphs. This brings a new level of complexity for font development, and it is no longer possible to create by hand thousands of metric data. iKern helped us especially with expansions of character sets.»